What is Blogging?


Are you looking to strike it big blogging, make a great income that’s so comfortable to live my dream and positively impact lives as well? You’re most welcome if that’s your idea.

It is my idea as well – I feel peaceful about it.

Well, before you join the game, you ought to be asking some questions like:

  • Is this the kind of job I can delve into?
  • What’s blogging literally about, can I do it?
  • Is it an honourable job, worthy of prestige and accolades?

Truly, your curiosity will help you to finally make the right decision to kick off blogging.

What is Blogging according to Scholars?

  1. Blogs are the new resume, the new business card, the new marketing brochure or advertising billboard and they’re quickly becoming a source of excellent income for many … Amy Lynn
  2. A blog is a channel where you share your thoughts … Neil Patel
  3. Blog is a place for sharing knowledge and views, and for connecting with people … Corbett Barr
  4. A blog is whatever you make it! … Greg Narayan
  5. A blog is more than just a placeBloggingScholars to post new content on a regular (or, lately, semi-regular) basis. It’s a hub for people to share their thoughts around my contributions to the industry … Rand Fishkin
  6. Blog is an online journal to put our thoughts – nothing more and typically they would be read by friends & family … Adam Connell
  7. A blog is whatever you want it to be or whatever you make it be … Marko Saric
  8. A blog is a magnet that attracts your potential customers if you write high-quality relevant content … Ian Cleary
  9. A blog is your unique voice and personality about a subject … Adekunle Kazeem

These are scholars’ perception and the most common element I discover is, blogging is about content – an art of creating messages either text or visual.

Blogging is your unique voice and personality about a subject Click To Tweet

In my case, I perceive blogging as your unique voice and personality about a subject.

We’re in an ICT age; previous ages were coined from human survival. The Stone Age, Iron age, Industrial age, – it means what determine economic prosperity presently is ICT and you’ll survive it if you decide to use your unique story and life experiences wisely and diligently coupled with a pleasing personality.

You can’t buy great personality and you can’t fake it but you can train yourself mentally and physically, be who you love to be – that’s personal integrity.

That’s my analysis of the perception of blogging as your unique voice and personality about a subject.

Back to the literal meaning of what is blogging. Blogging is a means of communication and whatever messages you’ll propagate, consider it a subject.

You’ve got to treat it as a subject; it makes sense and elevates personal uniqueness.

People are creating subject out of nothing, about what they love and believe.

I read the story of a lady who loves organizing things at home. She calls herself an organizing consultant.

If there is a specific subject you know and talented at, use blogging to build it by creating uncountable content and messages around it.

Don’t feel worried about money at the beginning, you’ll figure the business aspect later through readers demand and insights.

First, focus on selling the idea of why you’re blogging, see it as a pitch.

No idea is new to our world, no matter how countless people are conveying the same message; you surely have your own perception, your way of conveying the message and ultimately, your own unique contribution.

That’s how you must handle every blogging activity.

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The origin of “Blog”

Knowing the origin of the word blog can further help in understanding blogging.

Blog was coined from 2 words; “web” and “log” – We[blog].


A web is a large collection of documents. It can be in texts, articles, audios, images, and videos.

These documents are stored on a computer system, connected to the internet for the public and worldwide accessibility.

When you request for any document by browsing a web address, it’ll be transferred to you to read, watch, listen or do anything actionable you can with it.


A log is the detailed record-keeping of events and activities as they occur in real-time. It can be documented and recorded daily, weekly and monthly based on your subject matter.

A good example is political news, recorded and published every day.

If you choose this subject, it means you have the responsibility of recording events about political governance every day.

Therefore, from the above explanations, you should begin to have a better feeling and understanding of what blogging can be and the job it’ll entail.

Definition of Blogging

Blogging is an art of keeping records of events about a specific subject matter which can be daily, weekly or monthly, in the form of documents (text), images (graphic), audios (podcast) and videos (vlog), stored on a computer with the aid of internet to publish it for the entire world to access anytime anywhere.

What is Blogging in the Context of “Art” and “Computer”

1. By an “art of keeping records”; it means you’ve to be skilful at writing, design attractive and compelling images, create videos and audios with a magnetic presentation.

Nobody is innately gifted with writing skills, the design compelling images, and all that stuff.

Every successful blogger you know started from scratch.

They keep honing their skills until it gets better. So, keep practising and your performance will improve. If you can’t practice, hire credible people to create your content.

Blog stands for a clear purpose. Click To Tweet

By whatever format (posts, images, videos, and podcasts) and approach, ensure it’s remarkable, relevant and quality.

2. By “computer”, it means a storage place where all documents, images, and audios are securely stored for the audience to access any time anywhere.

Blogging has become a Language

I mean blogging has a conversational language.

Over time through practice, the word “blog” and “blogging” has lived up to a meaning that’s making sense in communication.

It has become a verb and a continuous tense. Blogging as a verb means to “publish new content”.

As a continuous tense, it means “to keep maintaining or edit content”.

For example:

1. Have you blogged today?

Usage: Have you published a new content today?

2. Kunle, What are you doing? I am blogging.

Usage: I’m editing or working on my blog.

That’s it, blogging is fun. It’s getting easier as a job and later, you’ll earn the reward in terms of income and prestige.

Let me close with these 5 tips you’ll find helpful and graciously happy you know before you kick off blogging.

5 Pillars of a Successful Blogging Business

1. Choose your subject matter carefully.

Start blogging with the mental helpful attitude and passion to accept the duties and responsibilities for writing and teaching people about a specific subject matter.

The subject has to be what you’re confident of building expertise and authority on overtime, with clear progression and performance.

If you feel the subject is broad, break it down into sub-categories that are clearly focused.

It helps you face competitive challenges and scale-up gradually.

An example is fashion. It contains many sub-categories such as design, style, consultation, traditional and cultural wears, gender wears, bags, footwear, jewellery, beads or any invented subject you like.

Meditate on the category you love best, highly knowledgeable to start and confident of winning and excel as one of the top players and contributor in the industry over time.

Also, put into consideration your target location and audience while brainstorming. As an intended supplier, there has to be demand and that leads me to the next point.

2. Make sure you have an audience.

Let me have your audience please

Imagine a speaker making such a statement. It shows the audience isn’t following and activities build-up for audience_boringthat moment will appear useless, fruitless and unprofitable.

So, apart from the choice for a subject, make sure there is a great demand for it. Be certain people are going to be interested, it’ll keep increasing and they’re going to enjoy it.

Be certain they’ll purchase your product and service or whatever you’ll be selling as a subject. Even an art of viewing and reading your blog posts is a sign of selling already.

NOTE: Despite how I painted an image of a compulsory must have an audience, its optional – like 50/50.

Don’t absolutely let audience influence your choice of subject and change your dream?

I believe in people exercising their innate gift. Don’t follow the crowd, be unique and do what you love.

They might be small, it doesn’t matter. It’ll grow.   

3. Choose a simple blogging platform.

A blogging platform is the publishing avenue that showcases your original quality content to your targeted audience.

Examples are Blogger, WordPress which I use, Squarespace, Wix, Medium and etc.

They are all good and beneficial, but each comes with pros and cons.

Make your findings deeply before final decision especially as it relates to your goal.

Read: How to set up and design your blog website.

4. Build a relationship and community.

Blogging is social and interactive media. Thus, apply operational strategies; use your platform to build a mutual relationship and trust with the target audience and start collecting email subscribers.

This act is not easy to achieve like every friendly trustworthy relationship but it’s golden if you can achieve it.

This is further proof to start blogging as earlier as possible.

When you build a cordial relationship with readers, you discover their want. Therefore, you can deliver value and maximum satisfaction in return for their hard-earned money.

5. Promote your blog

Quality traffic is now business as usual. If there is an activity you need to invest heavily on, it’s quality traffic.

Always promote your blog content. Invest in paid advertising such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads.

Imagine you’ve invested time and energy creating quality content, then, let people know about it. Quality traffic is super important, never joke with it.

Be warned: Don’t fall for the school of thought for cheap and free traffic. If you do, it’s going to be a lesson of failure you’ll learn the hard way.

Cheap and free traffic is low-quality traffic and if quality, it’ll consume your precious time, energy and the result is always low returns.

My final thought

Life is about marketing, buying and selling. As an employee, you’ve to sell your profession and skill to that company. As a businessman or Entrepreneur, you sell to consumer and investor.

Blogging will boost your value for selling and it really can be fun.

It doesn’t matter how you’re going start, harness the power of blogging today, and achieve your business objectives and final aim.

Many of your competitors are already in practice, reaping its benefits and increasing their market share both in income, prestige, and fame.

You can’t be left out of the race.

Lastly, before I forget, blogging is an honourable job. You’re helping people solve problems, guide them alright and this makes our world better for all.

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