Thanks for the interest to learn and start a blog with BillBlogger.

You’ll be guided on how to start a blog, make consistent income and keep it profitable.

Watch out and read them.

In addition, you’ll guided on how to build your WordPress blog – if you love it that way.

Otherwise, BillBlogger can be of service.
pen-tablet-notepadBy building your blog, it’ll increase your knowledge about the publishing tool (i.e. WordPress) and makes management easier.

Which is not technical and difficult.

WordPress has really advanced over time.

It has become simpler and easier, what old folks can use effectively.

If you can create Gmail or Facebook account, manage all the features therein, you’ll be able to build your blog and manage it as well.

Blogging Is Not Funny and Cheap

It’s beyond starting a blog; be ready to work.

Blogging will become fun when you handle it like a hobby.

I’ll talk about this later in an upcoming email.

Blogging will become an easy activity you like to practice with the passion to give and help people with their problems.

Don’t feel scared you can’t blog.

Publish what you’ve, let the people give feedback before you judge if bad, fair or good.

Whatever feedback, make intelligent and wise decision about it.

Besides, it gets better.

With this approach, you won’t find blogging an activity hard to practice, but what you’ll enjoy doing all the time.

On A Fast-Lane

As a newbie coming to BillBlogger, understand and agree to the no quick-rich syndrome.

If you’ve this value, be steadfast as you’re on the right path.

The reason many failed at blogging business, comes down to the wrong thinking – blogging will make them quick money.

Some online marketers have taken advantage of it to make quick money.

The worst part, you can’t find them in the market again selling the same product or service years to come.

Keep your mind off from the quick rich blogging.

Blogging business has a process and be ready to follow it.

Working with BillBlogger, your goal will be achieve faster than a lone ranger and self adventurer.

The First Email
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Open the promotion tab, drag the email over to the primary tab.

For better understanding, look at how i demonstrated  it using the image above.

If you find it in primary tab, it shows a successful transfer.


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