Why I Started With Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

I asked myself what’s the essence of a blog?

It’s to pass your message across to people, sell yourself brilliantly, and market your products and services.

There are millions of other blogs out there competing for your audience.

According to WordPress; tens of thousands of blog are joining the wagon every day.

If you haven’t started a self-hosted WordPress blog like yourblogname.com, you’ll be missing out on many features and likely business opportunities.

Starting a self-hosted WordPress blog truly shows you’re serious about the blogging job.

It shows you want to earn a better living working online and doing business in a professional way.

What You’re Going To Learn:

I. The reasons why self-hosted WordPress blog is better than the hosted,

II. What you need to start a self-hosted WordPress blog and finally,

III. A simple and detailed tutorial on how to start your own self-hosted WordPress blog.

I. The Reasons Why Self-Hosted WordPress Blog Is Better Than The Hosted

WordPress is no doubt the most popular publishing tool for your content.

Of all the content management system, WordPress has an almost 60% market share.

It has powered hundreds million of blogs and this figure keeps rising every day as the software keeps getting better, simpler and easier to use.

There Are 2 Types Of WordPress

a. The hosted WordPress (WordPress.com) and

b. The self-hosted WordPress (WordPress.org).

The Hosted WordPress simply means your blog is hosted by WordPress itself, which can either be free or paid.

A self-hosted WordPress means you’ll be hosting your blog by purchasing a web-hosting service from a provider such as Bluehost and register your domain name, both for a limited period of time.

Why Starting Self-Hosted WordPress Blog Is Far Beneficial Than The Hosted

1. Multiple Streams Of Income

If you’re using the hosted WordPress, Google AdSense and many other advertising programs will never accept to partner with you for advert placement, thereby losing money on a daily basis.

Though, WordPress has its own advertising program called WordAds, they makes it compulsory for adverts to appear on your blog with no option for removal.

Nevertheless, they can’t pay the real worth for your traffic.

In addition, other income opportunities such as paid advert and sponsored post might never materialize because of the cheap perception your blog portrays.

Also, with free hosted WordPress, you aren’t allowed to promote and sell an affiliate product. This is part of their terms and condition.

If you try it, your blog could be suspended or shut down completely. But before it gets shut down, you’ll be given several warnings.

Imagine the loss, not only to your content but your followers.

And WordPress might not give room to back up your content, thereby losing followers and other blog assets you must’ve been building over time.

If there is an opportunity to backup, it’ll cost money perhaps more than what you must’ve spent initially to host your WordPress blog.

2. Customization and Design

Free hosted WordPress doesn’t allow for the upload of a premium theme.

If you’re unaware, a theme determines the look, outlay and the overall design and functionality of your blog.

It allows you to customize and design your blog to a realistic concept you envisioned.

In addition, what really increases trust and credibility for your blog is the content.

Strive for quality and relevant content, publish what you’ve got and let your visitors and readers be the judge.

This isn’t an assumption, but a research conducted by Mitt Ray, published on Jeff Bullas.

What follows after your content is – blog design.

How blog looks and it design increases its trust and credibility.

Visitors don’t like to feel confused looking for what they want. You’ve to display information in the simplest, logical and organized manner with easy accessibility.

A professional and well-customized blog that serves your readers taste will increase trust and credibility in their heart, thus, increase your business growth and value.

You can only achieve these beautiful, professional and well-customized blog using a self-hosted WordPress blog.

It provides better design, navigation, layout and user experience for your visitors through its premium themes.

With a self-hosted WordPress blog, you can even create your theme from scratch in conformity to any conceptual design and it’ll look well-personalized and customized to your blog alone.

3. Better Features and Functionality

There are features and functionality important for your blog growth. You’ll be missing them while still using the free hosted WordPress.

They are:

3a. The tools to build and grow your community through the social media network and email subscribers.

The act of community building is important for the growth and development of your blogging business.

With community, you’ll be able to build a better personal relationship, which is where most sales strike.

3b. Search engines configuration and its settings is another important functionality you can’t joke with.

It’s better and highly configured in self-hosted WordPress blog.

It helps your posts get found on search engines, thus generate free traffic.

Search traffic is one of the best, affordable and the most quality traffic you can generate from the internet.

The traffic is equated to demand and supply. I need this, and this is it.

The competition on search traffic is enormous nowadays; hardly will a free WordPress blog rank competitively on search engines along with self-hosted WordPress blog.

But with self-hosted WordPress blog, you’ll be getting higher ranks for your blog posts and the result is quality blog traffic.

3c. A self-hosted WordPress blog has the functionality of building a quality landing page.

A landing page is a web-page with specific information with one dedicated click to a specific goal.

It has no navigation menu, no header at the top and no footer; only one clickable call-to-action button such as sign up now or order now.

It’s usually used to portray messages during products and services marketing campaign.

So, landing page is the gateway to your blog growth.

A free hosted WordPress blog doesn’t have this kind of feature and functionality, that’s very vital for blogging business.

3d. A self-hosted WordPress blog makes it easier to create beautiful contact page your visitors can utilize to send a private message.

It’s a matter of filling some blank spaces and click the send button.

So simple!

You can’t do that with a free hosted WordPress.

These are few of the features and functionalities in self-hosted WordPress blog.

4. Self-Hosted WordPress Blog Gives You Great Autonomy

If you like to be in full control of your own blog, a blog you’ve struggled and worked hard to build, a self-hosted WordPress blog will be the right choice.

You can turn it around and customize it any way and how you like it.

You can do anything within your terms and condition.

That’s the privilege and power of a self-hosted WordPress blog.

You feel peacefully assured no individual or organization will delete or temporarily suspend your blog.

No fear and intimidation of bypassing an individual or organization terms and conditions. You define your own rights and terms.

You simply do your own thing.

5. Powerful and Professional Brand

Do you know what makes a Lion become the king of the jungle? It’s in its whole package.

If other animals know and believe they have the same potential like the Lion, they would have wrestled and stood firm to overpower the jungle.

I’m talking about your blog being distinct, if possible unique and elegant.

A self-hosted WordPress blog will give you the professional outlook and elegance while you strive for the rest in terms of your personality and quality content.

II. What You Need To Start Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

To start a self-hosted WordPress blog, there are 2 things you need, and they’re:

1. Domain name and

2. Web-hosting service.

1. Domain Name

A domain name is a unique name and identity that represent your blog.

It’s the name your visitors will type unto a web address bar and click the go button to access information in it.

It simply represents your brand. An example is BillBlogger.

Before you register your domain name, list at least 3 to 5 names, well arranged on a scale of preference.

This helps with registration preparation perhaps when you discover the most preferred choice has already been registered, you’ll switch to the second choice.

5 Factors That Influence The Choice Of Domain Name

The choice of domain name is important. It has to be made with caution.

It represents your business name and brand.

Once you register it, it can’t be changed. So, make sure every detail surrounding your domain name is well considered.

5 Tips To Consider Are:

a. Let your domain name speaks the message and perception of your blogging subject and business.

Remember, brand starts with who you’re.

Add the main keyword or the subject matter to your domain name.

Examples are: outdoorgarden, simpsonoutdoorgarden, and tadeoutdoorgarden.

If it’s a personal brand, then your name will be the preferred choice.

This makes your personal profile easily and quickly known to your blog visitors.

b. Register your domain name with the .com extension.

This is relevant if you’re in business of making money sooner or later which I assume most likely.

The only exceptional cases are the not for profit organization or governmental organization.

In this case, your domain extension will be .org and .gov respectively.

But if the mission behind starting your blog is business, .com is the well-recommended domain name extension.

c. Choose 2 to 3 syllable names and keep them as short as possible.

For instance: BillBlogger has 3 syllables

d. Avoid inserting the hyphen symbol [-] such as outdoor-garden.com.

I understand you’ll like a name so much you won’t want to let it go and the only option left is the hyphen sign.

Don’t try it because everything you’re doing isn’t to satisfy yourself but your targeted blog visitors.

If blog visitors don’t like your name, it’s the beginning of a bad market. They could give your name another meaning.

In addition, adding hyphen symbol will create a bad user experience in understanding it.

They might feel confuse while typing or searching while you end up losing them for life.

Remember, your first impression is important.

So, make things simple, easier for your visitors and not complicated.

e. Make your domain name memorable and easy for people to recollect.

Even with partial recollection, they can use clues of whatever they know to ask search engines for information which can lead to discovery.

2. Web-Hosting Service

The second requirement you need to start a self hosted blogging is web-hosting service.

Imagine your blogging business as a physical office or shop.

If you want to build it, you’ll definitely need land to erect structures, which will be determined by how many plot of land to buy.

This is exactly the scenario playing here as regards hosting your blogging business.

You’re simply buying space to store all the blogging activities – from email to database, to your content files.

Apart from storage, the hosting service provider will manage security of the storage space from attackers.

Nevertheless, you’ve to be security conscious and abide by rules from your own end.

In this case, I’m introducing Bluehost web-hosting service to you.

Bluehost is a reputable world class web-hosting firm with over 14 years, providing quality hosting services from small to large businesses in many countries.

Benefits For Using Bluehost Web-Hosting

Apart from the 50 GB storage space which is the lowest package and value for your money, other benefits are:

1. You’ll have access to an unlimited bandwidth of traffic.

twitter_shutdown_michealThis gives confidence and prepares you well enough to kick starts your blogging business.

2. Bluehost allows free domain name registration.

Though it appears like a good gesture, I felt your precious name still belongs to them.

They only gave it to you for free but you don’t have full entitlement based on their terms and conditions.

If you’re going for the free domain name registration, understand their terms and conditions or better, sacrifice and buy your domain name.

Now, you’ve full power and control.

Nevertheless, the free name is for the first year, subsequently, you start paying.

3. Bluehost gives you free SSL certificate.

This is what protect, block, and guide your blog information from hackers and attackers. You’ll find it beneficial while accepting and processing credit card payment.

A blog with an SSL certificate will be known through its padlock sign on the address bar.

4. You’ve access to create 5 customize and professional email address.

5. You can create 25 sub-domains name. Examples are shop.yourname.com; forum.yourname.com and etc.

6. With Bluehost, you’ve got the benefit of installing your WordPress with one-click of a button and immediately, you start blogging by publishing quality content.

This is highly beneficial especially if you don’t have the technical background of WordPress blog set up and design.

7. Bluehost has good customer support service system.

You can chat with them via website; give them a call or open customer service ticket and much more.

Click here to Purchase Bluehost

III. WordPress Blog Set-up Guide

After getting your domain name and bluehost web-hosting, install WordPress with one-click.

With successful installation, you’ll be notified with a congratulatory message.

How to Start A WordPress Blog on Qservers_Success20

To access your new blog, click the URL: http://yourblogname.com

How to Start A WordPress Blog on Qservers_Blog21

This is what your blog visitors will see also called the front-end.

This is where you’ll carry out more blog setup; configuration and settings; design and customization in the administrative region.

This is the web address: http://yourblogname.com/wp-admin

How to Start A WordPress Blog on Qservers_AdminDashboard22

That’s where you’ll create and publish your blog post.

To start blogging, simply move your mouse over the post menu, choose Add New.

How to Start A WordPress Blog on Qservers_PostMenu23

And you’ll be driven to a new page to create your post.

How to Start A WordPress Blog on Qservers_AddNew24

The first horizontal space is for the post title, the large space under is for the body of content.

How to Start A WordPress Blog on Qservers_NewPost25

If you’re okay with everything typed, click Publish.

How to Start A WordPress Blog on Qservers_Publish26

Here is the newly publish blog post.

How to Start A WordPress Blog on Qservers_BlogPost27


I believe you understood why starting your blog with a self-hosted WordPress is highly beneficial.

It gives room for multiple streams of income, great autonomy, the ability to customize and design your blog with any conceptual design envisioned, and the numerous added features and functionality.

So, start your profitable blogging business on a rocky foundation.

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