How To Make Money Online This 2020


You must have made money before, by selling goods, getting monthly salary or performing a specific job.

If you haven’t, you must have bought something like food.

Whichever way you have interacted with money, it is the same principle you will make money online.

You must offer something of value to another person in exchange for money.

How Are You Going To Make Money Online?

This is a complex question as there are many ways you can make money online.

Money is an exchange of value.

Ask yourself, what value do I have that can be exchanged for money?

This is about YOU, as an entity.

The entity for making money is YOU.

I started business activity during undergraduate, I love selling anything profitable to make money; later I discovered you can perform the same thing better online.

I delve into marketing information products, not my product but for a company. This type of online business is called affiliate marketing.

It was my first success in doing online business.

I will market and recommend this product to prospective buyers.

Later, the company stopped offering this product.

An information product as a solution has a short life span. Once the information gets saturated everywhere, its value drops.

Many people came to the field and there was no innovation to upgrade its value which keeps dropping.

Meanwhile, by accident, I had started an online marketing service. It was yielding more revenue than the information products business.

But I have become interested in the information business because it was about health which I found beneficial as well.

So, I created my product; continue for about 3 years until I quit. This is temporal though.

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The reason why I temporarily quit is, the online marketing service business was consuming more time and I need greater focus.

I plan to resume the information business later because I still love it. I have got loads of innovative ideas and services to render that market.

Why I am sharing this story?

It’s because making money online is purely entrepreneurial.

You have to be calculative, be a problem solver and strategic thinker.

That’s the way I see it, from experience and learning from people.

If you want to make money online, you’ve to be entrepreneurial in spirit.

It is a real business of responding to demand through the supply of value.

How Will YOU Supply Value?

Snaring at the beach, observing nature can brings harmony to the body and spirit. Credit: We Heart it

It resides within YOU. The value will be created out of interest, what you enjoy doing, thinking about every day and you have a growing love for it.

You can call it talent, it qualifies. It can be any crazy idea like snaring at the bar beach.

Yes, you can discover value from such activity if it brings harmony to your spirit and you have growing interest and love.

Like how the NIKE cofounder initially thinks about its logo, be patience, it may grow on you.

Believe you can supply value within your talent. It will become valuable when you solve the problems people face with it.

Whenever you think and practice your talent, research and study what problems reside within it for people?

Start thinking and working on how you can solve it.

This talented activity will become great if you think this way; and your joy, interest and love will be growing.

Every phenomenon on this planet is in degrees (increasing or decreasing) – a mental interaction towards an activity as your talent, professional skills, career, and etc are not exempted.

It takes a talented mind with growing interest and love to accomplish quality and great results.

If you’re in the clique of people who’ve got no talent, they don’t know what they are great at and enjoy doing.

Answer these questions sincerely?

  1. What’s your interest? There must be one.
  2. Is it growing?
  3. Is love growing as well?
  4. Do you enjoy thinking or working on it?
  5. How much time do you spend thinking about it?

Sincere answers will give clues about what to do with your life and as a business.

Therefore, you must interact with this interesting activity for some time and observe if the love is growing before you decide, “this is not for me” and search for something else.

That’s my experience and feeling when I started my online business in the information business which was about health.

I gave it a trial and the interest and love was growing.

I have done a few online businesses before but the subject matter and activity don’t align with my spirit.

In summary to how you can supply value, any activity or idea can be converted into a business that will become useful to people.

But it must have the qualities of real human problem, growing interest, and love, and it will blossom into a profitable business venture in your face.

The Means To Make Money Online

They are many but follow your heart.

Don’t copy what others are doing carelessly like a follower who lacks independence.

In my journey to make money online, I always follow my heart, what interests me and it attracts what I want.

I wanted to make money like you, that was my interest and I discovered this health company which was a success.

While in the business, I was in a community of other affiliate marketers. Many left out of dwindling interest and love.

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

I am hopeful they found another niche market to sink their teeth into.

It’s growing interest that made me continue to practice till today.

Even though the health and income market is an ever viable business, many still can’t cope because they lack interest and love.

While in the information business, I was doing the online marketing service as a side business and job, I didn’t know the company was about to stop operation.

But I continue for a few years before I temporally shut it down. I have the online marketing service to fall back on before I resume.

This is about interest. With no interest, there won’t be a resumption plan and there won’t be any online marketing service that I am doing.

Interest in a problem is the first thing you need when it comes to making money online.

Find what interest you with growing love and you will be able to build a successful and profitable business out of it.

That’s my best advice for you.

It is better if this interesting activity is one, and something simple.

For example, a client: Dayo Adetiloye started his blogging business with an interesting subject: youth entrepreneurship.

It must have the qualities of real human problem, growing interest, and love, and then it will blossom into a profitable business venture in your face. Click To Tweet

His idea is how can youth become entrepreneurial, how can they associate what they’re studying or what they have studied to solve real problems in our society.

That’s all he was thinking about and wanted to do.

He enjoys it and the passion was growing.

He had written a book: Unleashing Your Entrepreneurial Potential For African Students.

He started his blogging business, sharing messages about this book and the subject: “youth entrepreneurship” and over time, opportunities came which started bringing in great revenue.

You have got to follow your heart, what interests you most to make money online.

This is the best, its long term, futuristic, purely entrepreneurial and rewarding for great money.

Whatever talent you have got, it can be developed to an extent you will spot real problems to study and excellently solve for people.

Blogging business will accomplish this task.

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