12 Mindsets and Behavioral Traits to Successful Blogging


You desire to be successful at blogging, everyone yearn to be successful.

If you sincerely desire to be successful, there is no better place to start learning how to achieve success than to study how the successful bloggers did it.

What makes them astounding and thick is deeply rooted in their mindsets and behavioral traits.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been blogging or you’re pretty new to the job of blogging, this post will benefit you.

And excuse the familiarity words, “I understand I’ve to be focus, I’ve to feel passionate about doing my job, and I’ve to be an extrovert and all the rest”.

This substance you’re about to read is more embedded in it explanation, it unique stories and experience for a blogging profession.

Here They’re:

1. Extrovert

I had a meeting with a client who wanted to start a blog.

I realized she had overcome this deadly disease and was thinking of enlightening people about her journey, prevention, treatments and etc.

Yes, that’s a fantastic idea.

But she feels troubled and confused due to many advises she had inquired, which keep pouring into her mind that she shouldn’t do such a thing.

Her Mum especially advised her intermittently not to do such a thing by exposing herself to dangers.

She has great honor and respect for her as she stood by her during those trials.

It was serious they seek their religious leader advice and prayer, and result was still negative.

She wanted my sincere and professional advice.

I advised her to go ahead with her intention to blog.

The benefits will outweigh the seemingly harm they’re foreseeing which is subjective.

Thinking such as some people will profess evil back into her life and all sort, they’re all deception, wishful thought you can ignore like every other wrong and stupid thought.

Sincerely, her idea was right.

She will educate, enlighten and help save many lives with her knowledge and experience.

In addition, she can blog the topic anonymously, and still be able to educate people in secrecy if that’s her fear.

Other opportunities can come her way such as prestige, great income, business deals, awards and many unforeseeable benefits.

I told her to imagine her readers, fans; community of people gives her feedback of how much she has saved their life.

This can be real, not fantasy.

If you put in the work … it’s the law of nature.

And the greatest benefit of them is the knowledge, the authority and power she’ll gain over time handling the subject and it topics.

That, she should never assume she was alone on the journey, which is common sense.

Many people went through the same and had worse experience.

This was how I explained how highly beneficial her decision is right. It should never becloud it with subjective and meaningless thoughts.

In a nutshell, from the last interaction we had, she never started it.

I wish someone had the same opportunity and execute it objectively in helping our humanity.

If you wants success, be extroverts.

This client case seem extreme, but there is no subject that can’t be shared publicly if beneficial to your fellow mankind.

You’ve to love sharing information, your experiences and expertise.

If you don’t open your mind to people and new thinking, you don’t network, meet new people or visit new places; you don’t practice new things, take up challenges and have new great experiences, you’re likely to experience writing block (lack of ideas and content to share).

If the information is premium, be confident and charge top dollar for it.

If you’re confident it’ll solve people problem, it passed through testing and beta-testing, you’re right to go on premium.

Many successful bloggers are extrovert.

That’s the fact!

They shared personal information outside their blogging subject that seems helpful to their targeted audience.

In the process, they’re increasing their value and influence; and positively impacting their audience life.

Nevertheless, I can’t ignore the fact you shouldn’t have a secret.

It’s allowed and we give different meanings to the term “secret”.

What you consider secret can be what I’ll gladly share with the public.

But such habit shouldn’t get so bad, you won’t share and teach what you consider beneficial and helpful.

Remember, if you don’t do it now and grab the privilege (knowledge) been given, you’ll be surprise another blogger will do the exact same thing, and grab the fame, prestige and wealth from it.

Be extrovert!

Be helpful!

2. Passion


Passion is the strong feelings you’ve while expressing your opinion on a topic, making meaningful contribution through teaching, enlightening, coaching, and offering products and services.

If your purpose to start blogging is to make money, you’ll feel burn out quickly and disappointed when the money is not flowing in, perhaps in amount you expected.

Most successful bloggers never started by monetizing and applying endlessly for Google AdSense.

Now, don’t get things mixed up.

If you apply for AdSense early and given, it’s fine but if you weren’t, don’t feel discouraged and quit blogging.

The first task is to define your purpose for blogging.

Do you have one?

If no, you’re less likely to quit cheaply because you’ve got no pathway.

The result is: any direction, any philosophical idea, or any business model that comes, you’ll follow it.

A defined purpose for blogging is the aim and the objectives set to achieve that aim.

It makes you laser focus, have clarity on want you need to be doing and what you want to achieve out of it.

The second and important task is to build followership and possibly, have your own community.

This is what the richest and successful bloggers did.

It’s the reason why you’ve to consistently create content that meets the need of your readers; and invest time and money promoting them.

Back to the topic about passion, to discover your passion, you need to be yourself.

It’s a sign of personal integrity which helps you think outside the box.

You’re unique, distinct and nobody can be you and you can never be like me or another.

You’ve your unique voice, personality, and contribution to the industry.

Don’t sway but flow with the tide as it comes along.

Be original: is the message.

According to Farrah Gray book “The truth shall make you rich”, he suggested these 3 questions.

They are:

a) What comes easy to you but hard for another person?

What do you enjoy doing that your friends, colleagues, and relatives compliment and praise you for doing an outstanding job?

Of course, you engage in lot of activities every day, but next time, be observant and watch for signals.

You must’ve taken it for granted and intuitively not aware of the praises.

Perhaps you consider it so cheap and easy to do but not the case for many people.

Think over it, you’ll discover something.

b) What can you do non-stop even if you don’t mind getting paid for it?

What action do you like doing for people passionately you don’t care about reward and money?

You accept anything been given as reward even, thank you.

Think about it. It’s high time you professionally build skills around it and convert it into a serious well package business solution.

c) What do you enjoy doing as a form of service and giving back to your community?

There is passion in community service and you can perform better when converted into a profitable business.

Is it by educating toddlers or babysitting them, teaching the adult’s basic education, engaging in social welfare or anything that brings contribution to your society for better co-existence?

When you discover your passion, you can use blogging as a social platform to communicate, build relationship and community, in the process; you’ll be building a profitable business for the future.

What Successful Bloggers Think About Passion?


1. I started blogging out of interest and I never put any advertisements … I had no idea what AdSense is and what SEO is ….. Harsh Agarwal of Shoutmeloud

2. Don’t let external factors dictate your success, focus on what you could control: your attitude ….. Jeff Goins of Goinswriter

3. That money can’t buy you happiness but sharing your knowledge on a subject you love can ….. Darren Rowse of ProBlogger

These blogging gurus have shared their mind and it resonates with mine – thinking about an aim and purpose is better than the money.

*** Harsh Agarwal of Shoutmeloud started blogging about a subject that pricks his interest which is an element of personal feeling – that’s passion.

*** Jeff Goins talks about you engaging in an activity (that’s blogging) you’ve absolute control over which is your attitude – an activity with an inner feeling of true passion.

You’ve absolute control over what you love and what don’t – that’s the power of passion.

*** Darren Rowse says, you shouldn’t chase the money first but chase the knowledge you’re passionate about.

And you understood knowledge isn’t cheap to acquire. If you’re gifted and talented, they only makes the knowledge acquisition easier.

In practice, you’ll be building value first before money will come.

This doesn’t mean you don’t need money for daily business activities, of course, it’s paramount for growth and development but don’t let it be the number one motivator and influence.

If you’ve a clear and defined purpose for blogging, it must surely generate consistent income and stay profitable.

3. Patience


There is virtue in everything you do, what you’ve acquired or achieved. Truly, blogging can never be an exception.

Many bloggers quit blogging out of impatience.

You must understand and agree blogging is not a get-rich quick job.

It’s not a job you’ll be getting thousands of visitors per day or month within a few days or week you start.

It’s a process and you’ve to work smart towards it.

Blogging is not a job you’ll start getting search ranks on the first page of Google and Bing.

It takes time …..Patience!

Blogging is like every other business you know.

It’s absolutely a digital representation of a physical business.

Blogging is for an entrepreneur. It involves risk-taking and you must approach it with patience as mindsets.

There will be failures, accept it as a form for learning, growing and becoming smarter at what you enjoy doing.

Blogging is filled with great potential and such feat can’t be achieved overnight.

It requires steadfastness, smart work, experimentation, re-strategizing & re-testing are success factors with no absolute substitute.

You’ve to keep working on your website, publish quality and relevant contents (articles, infographic, images, audio & videos), and promote your published contents.

For example, Linda Ikeji is one of the Nigerian finest, popular and successful bloggers.

In NdaniTV interview, she says she blogged for 4 years with no income.

Can you withstand that?

She is still one of top Nigeria blogger till date.

One of the leading bloggers in India, Harsh Agarwal started his blog as a hobby and he never made money for some time.

Heather Armstrong of dooce.com blogged without any income stream for 3 years.

All these bloggers are successful today because they were patient.

If you desire to be successful, you’ve to exercise the same mindsets and traits of patience.

Don’t give up!

With the right principles of blogging and learning with patience, you’ll arrive safely at your goldmine.

If you see it, you can do it.

Remain steadfast till you achieve it.

4. Focus


Do you’ve many options to start blogging?

You’ve many activities begging for your attention.

People went through the same experience and it always produces bad result.

Start blogging the niche topics you’ve greater strength, experiences, and expertise on.

The niche topic you’ve a center of attraction, where all your energy will be well spent and used while you hire people to do the rest of the job.

Follow One Cause Until Successful.

Successful bloggers are identified with the focus trait, it’s wise you adopt it as well.

5. Risk Taker

Give it a try, you won’t FALL

There is no business that doesn’t involve risks.

It’s the consequence of our actions and decision making.

It could either be a good or bad result.

Expect risks, failures, and challenges in your journey to emerge as a successful blogger.

It makes you grow and develop.

At the beginning, you might not get the business model right, but as you build and improve, you’ll surely get the right model uniquely design for your business.

This will translate into better result like greater income and profit margin, and popularity that takes efforts to be beaten.

6. Consistency

Think back over your achievement so far, you must’ve remained committed at achieving them.

They weren’t smooth sailing but the experience you went through increase your knowledge and make you stand firm.

The same approach must be adapted to your blogging business.

To be a successful blogger, you’ve to be consistent at what you do.

This requires continuous knowledge, creating new strategies and taking actions.

You’ve to research and create quality content for your target readers.

Quality is paramount. Remember, there is no perfect blog anywhere.

I’ve updated this blog for relevancy which resulted in higher traffic and sales.

7. Originality

Blogging requires originality, quality content for your target audience and you’ve to be creative about it.

It involves your innate thought, ideas, expression, and style no matter your blogging application if video, text, audio or visuals.

You’ve to stand out among the rest of bloggers in the industry.

Don’t copy anybody you feel is successful in the industry.

What you published will keep attracting visitors and influence them to come back for more.

Thus, traffic will keep increasing and with popularity, it eventually translate into consistent income through premium offers such as advertorial, digital or physical goods, and services.

In addition, Google and other search engine providers like original, engaging and relevant content.

This is one of their criteria for organizing and increasing the rank of search result web-pages, finally getting the content to the first page.

8. Entrepreneurship


Successful bloggers are entrepreneurial in spirit.

They’re business savvy in every operation and management.

Blogging is a serious job and business, and you’ve to handle it that way.

You’ve to create products, offer premium services if your subject gives room.

An entrepreneur is a problem solver.

You’re providing a solution to your target visitors through contents and not all will be free.

You’ve to study your visitors critically, understand their wants, struggles, problems and provide it in premium.

An example:

You’ve 3 advertorial slots with an increase in demand for one of them.

You can increase its price and observe the demand rate, in that process, you’re getting to the root of its real value and worth.

In addition, divide your advertorial price plan into months, quarterly, half a year will provide better real value strategy.

Make sure you apply entrepreneurial skills to your blogging.

Watch out for the dots and connect them.

Successful bloggers operate with business-minded spirit.

9. Research And Read


Reading blogs related to your niche is an effective ways to improve your writing and knowledge.

Not only blogs, read books, scientific magazine and papers, an industry magazine, watch TV and listen to radio and audio-books.

What you read, watch and listen will fuel your imagination and broaden your mind.

This will eventually shape how you write and deliver valuable content and services.

10. Learn SEO

To be a successful blogger, master the art of search engines optimization (SEO).

Some bloggers are neglecting SEO because it’s highly competitive.

They’re right about their decision, but I want you to optimize your content for search users.

Yes, SEO can be very competitive to get rank on the first page but the benefit that comes with the hard work is enormous.

It’s only in search engines where you’ll get serious targeted readers who become your regular readers, email subscribers, and buyers.

Not including SEO in your traffic strategies is wrong and can serves as a disaster in the future.

Every business such as blogging is about building something for future and if you’re not taking the risk to optimize content for search engines users, you’re neglecting its future potential.

You’ll keep spending more money on traffic.

Search engines traffic is free, is one of the highest forms of consistent traffic.

You don’t spend money to get it but you’ve to do some work in the background.

Many successful bloggers exercise this trait of optimizing their content for search users and you’ve to follow this method as well.

If you’ve the budget for social media marketing and advert, it’ll complement for the optimized post you created for search users.

One of the signals search engines watch to rank your posts is popularity, which can be gotton from social media shares and traffic such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Why waste money on social media marketing and adverts alone without optimizing your blog contents for search users traffic initially.

Learn how to optimize each of your blog posts with the right keywords for search engine users.

11. Network

Successful bloggers are great networkers.

You’ve to invest time to write articles for other blogs (guest posting).

You can also join a blog discussion forum, especially, the type related to your niche.

Join a Facebook group with raving fans, and leave meaningful comment on blogs.

You can follow fellow bloggers on Twitter, like and retweet tweets that fancy you, create rapport and friendly relationship.

If there are live conferences, seminars or webinars, register for them.

This create awareness and networking opportunities for your blog.

You get ideas for new content to write from network relationship and what readers expressed as feedback.

By doing these always, you’re building trust and community.

12. Keep An Effective Calendar

Successful bloggers have the trait of keeping a publishing calendar, cut across their blog and other social media platforms.

A detailed daily or weekly publishing blogging schedule helps with consistent publishing.

This improves your community engagement.

You’ve to schedule time to create and promote contents, attend to visitors’ comments, email letters, and manage your adverts.

They require an effective organizational skill.

One of the successful bloggers says: “One of the fatal mistakes I see bloggers make is to blog when they feel like it …… they forget that new fans want more content and they fail to deliver“….. Neil Patel

In Conclusion

I can’t explain enough how important these mindsets and behavioral traits will help you with successful blogging.

They’re so effective, it worked many bloggers, and if well-implemented, it’ll surely work for you.

It serves as a challenge for me.

In Summary

If you want to be successful at your blogging business, follow these mindsets and behavioral traits of successful bloggers.

They are simply:

1. You must be an extrovert, be open-minded and have growth mindset.

Visualize every activity you intend as a way of learning.

To matter how skillful and expert you’re, always be humble and bear in mind, you want to learn something now.

Don’t be arrogant; like you already know it, there is nothing to gain, they’re all absolutely wrong.

2. Be passionate about the blogging job, especially, the subject you intend to blog or already blogging.

One of best ways your passion will keep increasing, is to keep thinking and meditating about this subject, have personal feeling, personal touch and experience with it, especially from the angle of personally helping yourself and as well, helping other people solve and overcome the same problem.

3. Be patience, never give up.

A sign you’ll be great at what you’re doing is the degree of challenges you’ll face and failures you’ll experience.

Some will never have it or experience it.

It’s their destiny and gift.

They might decide to follow the easy wise route, which can be illegal, but they’ve lost their pathway to greatness.

You’re not destined for failures and many challenges, they’re preparations for a position you’ll behold later.

You’re near the goldmine.

4. Be laser focus: Follow One Cause Until Successful.

You must be focus, stick to your strength till proven. Stop swaying or dabbling around.

If you don’t position your blogging business well and stand firm, you’ll lose grip, time and waste resources.

5. Be a risk taker: face challenges and you’ll be better than your peers.

6. Practice consistency for every activity.

7. Be original, be yourself. This is where your unique blessing resides.

8. Be entrepreneur: take advantage of every business opportunities with wise and smart decision.

9. Always research and read.

10. Learn SEO. It remains the future.

11. Always network with great and successful minds. You’ll be great and successful as well.

12. Keep an effective calendar. It’s tough to practice but you’ll be above others.

Remember, blogging is all about the writing.

These points appears hard, but that’s where real success lives.

Practice them!

Success is not cheap, that’s why you’ve to work smart and hard on your mindsets and behavioral traits to blogging business.

You can develop personal intelligence success strategies from these mindsets and traits.

You’ve to want it, visualize it and keep chasing after it till you get it…

And remember, your best is always in the future.

These are the mindsets and behavioral traits to successful blogging.

Start cultivating them now as a blogging lifestyle.

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