How to Capture Email Subscribers


I started my online business journey selling information products while online marketing training was going on the side.

As a campus student, doing the job part-time, I used to paste posters to advertise the products at hostels and the department notice boards.

At the end of the first month, I made only one sale. With a query from my coach, I realized where I was doing it wrong.

Instead of an opt-in page, I was persuading prospective buyers to visit the sales letter page that includes product description, price, delivery mode, bonuses, and other information.

I keep seeing many marketers and advertisers commit this same mistake.

This is absolutely not going to result in sales. Many prospective buyers are cold to your product or service. Its common sense – the way it happens in the offline world, is the same realm in the online world.

No one is ready to buy your product or subscribe to your service at the first visit of the introduction.

You’re simply not Apple or Coca-Cola of this world.

Nobody knows you. Therefore, you need to give them some time to learn about your small, unpopular and perhaps, 30 days old business or product launch.

When it comes to marketing online using blogging and successfully selling your products and services, you can’t neglect email marketing.

It’s one of the processes for a well-crafted digital marketing strategy.

Therefore, the right action to take is to persuade and guide readers to an opt-in page and NOT a sales letter page.

What’s an Opt-in Page?

An opt-in page also called an email capture page is where you give readers, who will become prospective buyers an invaluable gift of what you’re selling, with the goal to let them taste the cookie while you collect their email address, phone number, and name for gift delivery and in return for speedy follow-up.

This page shouldn’t have a navigation menu bar, no internal links but links to the signup or download button in the form section, social media share, company privacy, and terms and condition.

Structural Arrangement of an Opt-in Page

1. Main headline

The headline should be concise and communicate the problem you want to solve for the visitors.

It should communicate what visitors will get right away as a free offer and how they are going to get it.

For instance, if it’s to download an eBook, start the headline with the action word “Download”.

If it’s to sign up for a newsletter, start the headline “Signup”.

Let your readers know immediately what they’re up to. It makes things simpler and life easier by not wasting their precious time.

For instance, the image below says “download this report” was used as its main headline.

That’s Concise!


2. The Body of content

The body explains to readers what is in the free gift, the important and benefits of the gift and how valuable it will help in solving their problem.

You can make your explanation using bullet points with white spaces so they will understand what it entails for quick decision making.

Follow this structure for writing the body of content

a. Start the body of content by explaining what the gift is all about.

b. Write what the readers will benefit from the gift.

c. Bold the important phrases you think readers shouldn’t miss while reading.

Don’t write lengthy but be brief, concise and be straight to the points.

You can observe from this sample image, the body of content is not lengthy but brief and concise.

d. Place your opt-in form in the right-hand section.

Apply the same action verb used in the main headline for instance “download” for the form button.

e. And finally, you can optionally add a social media sharing button.

This is a clear and simple way to create an opt-in page and remember, it is critical for your business blogging.

It’s the page you will be using to capture email subscribers, keep communicating with them and that’s where the most sales will be made.

Learn from my story, start your blogging business on a right and firm foundation.

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