How To Become Successful Blogging About Your Business


If you’ve ever failed before and want to repeat the same activity again, you will be more careful in making the right decision.

To be successful at blogging, there are core decisions you might be familiar but tough to practice.

You can’t clearly explain why you don’t practice them because deep down, it is a riddle in process.

Won’t you like to be someone of great substance, with power and knowledge?

Who has answers to almost every questions and problem?

Then truly, you must embrace the process – your unique journey.

How they did it and apply wisdom to practice them.

1. Make an offer

You must have something to sell.

What subject am I knowledgeable and skillfully good at, that I can teach other people or help them solve their problem?

Everything is a subject, whether you are selling physical product or service, see it as a subject.

Let’s assume you are selling baby care product.

You must be knowledgeable about the subject (baby care) and be vast about the product.

You’re going to educate and enlighten people about the branded product.

Keep enlightening people about the solution your product offers based on a clear problem your customer experience which you must have initially known and understood.

This same analogy goes for other product or service subjects such as fashion, sport, law, technology or any offer you are willing to bring into the marketplace.

You don’t have to be a professor on the subject before you can start blogging.

With basic knowledge that can guide people aright and solve their problems, it is enough to start.

In addition, blogging gives you the room to learn more, keep increasing your knowledge and hone your skills as well.

I had a client who loves the idea of youth entrepreneurship.

He had published a book about how practically possible student can be in business while studying at higher education.

When he started his blog, he was blogging about this book, topics about youth entrepreneurship and business.

One day, one of his followers asked if could write a business plan, which he brilliantly offered the service.

That was how he discovered the subject of the business plan and the revenue potential.

If he hadn’t made an offer, started anything, any subject he knows and feels can help someone if it is just one person, he won’t be where he is.

If you do nothing, nobody will ever know you and you will never know how gifted, talented and knowledgeable you can be.

Make an offer, start blogging now.

2. Be passionate

The motivation for most successful bloggers arises from an activity they have been developing a passion for over time.

It wasn’t gotten suddenly or as a result of trying to copy an idea and business model of another successful blogger.


They’ve been nurturing the idea privately and silently, developing their talent, building it into skills until blogging came as a social platform to easily convey their messages; spread them across faster and far with the power of internet technology.

Passionate blogging idea can be:

i. an activity you personally experience.

You’ll be at an advantage if the idea has personal touches.

A problem you went through till you got a lasting solution or perhaps you helped someone solve.

This influences commitment, the determination and struggles to succeed in the competitive market.

ii. It might be a positive change or orientation you want to see enforced in society.

iii. It can be a need or want you feel missing; you finally find it and want to fill the gap.

Passion is a strong emotion and connection towards an activity.

Have you ever thought how powerful and influential your passion can be?

It can affect your attitude.

When you meet someone who really has a passion for something, do you think you can start loving that same activity as well instantly?

It’s not possible.

It takes time to grow in all sincerity.

You keep building the passion through your sub-conscious realm with imagination, dream, vision and knowledge and experience acquisition every single day.

Keep the meditations flowing …

It’s all about you – the input.

“Money follows passion – not the other way around.” – David Garland

3. Focus and Uniqueness

Successful bloggers have focus and they display uniqueness in every aspect of their blogging activities.

Be it in their style of writing, audio, and video presentation, blog design, audience engagement, you must be distinct.

Don’t copy any who-be successful blogger.

Create a unique print and mark for yourself.

Do what is in your mind and envisage for yourself.

That’s freedom!

“Bring the best of your authentic self to every opportunity.” John Jantsch

Successful bloggers were unstoppable.

They never relent until they achieve success out of the subject that gives them joy to teach, practice and impact.

Why won’t you stay close to what gives you joy and ultimately will grant you success, wealth and fame?

“You must remain focused on your journey to greatness.” – Les Brown

4. Frequency

You must be breathing out quality content in any format (article, video, audio or visual image) you can afford to start blogging with on a consistent basis, either daily or weekly.

Successful bloggers exercise this behavior.

The frequency of publishing and content promotion, the faster it popularity.

The faster it popularity, the more people will request for your service or advertisement rate if the content strategy is right.

Therefore, have writing and publishing schedule.

5. Capacity Development

Knowledge is power especially when the application is to solve people problem and improve their living condition.

Successful bloggers keep developing their capacity and mind in their area of specialization.

You must keep reading and thinking about your blogging subject, with different innovative strategies to improve your skills.

Is it to gain more web-traffic, foster audience engagement and improve writing styles?

Don’t be stagnant; keep re-inventing.

Be excellent at what you do.

“You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills.” – Jim Rohn

6. Solve Problem

Successful bloggers are problem solvers.

They give answers to questions people are willing to know and understand clearly.

Some developed a friendly relationship with their readers, thus, they throw their problems at them for better answers and judgment.

Some used their blogging platform to develop their immediate community, helping people with needs or wants.

All these are the responsibilities of a blogger.

It should positively impact your society.

7. Social Interaction

Blogging is a social platform where readers can interact with the author through comments, which gives room for social interaction.

Content published must stimulate readers to make comments either through questions or suggestions.

“Don’t build links. Build relationships.” – Rand Fishkin

8. Altruism

Successful bloggers never started blogging with the thinking of making money instantly.

They understand the journey to be passed through before earning their rewards.

This is evident for information bloggers and service solution providers.

But for selling a physical product, you can start making money from the launch day with the right marketing and advertisement strategy.

What motivated most successful bloggers is the passion to build value FIRST FOR FREE (deliver quality information and value) without expecting any reward.

Remember the notion of free-giving, the more you give, the more you earn in return, even from unexpected sources.


To be a successful blogger, you must embrace the process – it is the law of success.

All the points are given revolve around it.

Before you bring an offer into the marketplace, ensure it is quality – it truly solves the problem.

Before you can build a quality product or service, you must’ve been developing your capacity.

It takes a growing passion, focuses with uniqueness, the spirit of altruism, frequency at publishing and quality social interaction to arrive at a grand state.

Wish you success blogging.

“Stop selling. Start helping.” – Zig Ziglar

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