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BillBlogger is an academy with the mission to help you grow business out of your life skill using business blogging.

We teach and coach business blogging and help to build and manage a business blogging platform.

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To be among the world-leading digital marketing academy

Founder story

Since I discovered entrepreneurship in my university days, I’ve been tinkering with one business to another till I ventured into online business. Yet, I wanted something sustainable, glorifying and with legacy.Adekunle-Kazeem-3

In this quest, I got inspired that I need to embrace my life skill. Afterwards, my entrepreneurship journey changed to what gives me fulfilment and peace for a greater future.

What I considered wrong is that many people are doing just anything to make money and are feeling they are in business. As much as this may be common among online marketers, they’re not the only ones making such a mistake.

What I considered right and the best is to search your essence for a life skill.

Once you’re in harmony with what you want to do with your life, you will surely figure out how to create a business that will uplift people’s lives.

BillBlogger is an online educational academy with the mission to teach you business blogging – helping you to grow business out of your life skill using business blogging.

Adekunle Kazeem

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