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Step 1 – How to Start and Launch Your Blog

To start blogging business, register a domain name and purchase web-hosting service.

To understand domain name registration and web-hosting, read this article.

If your line of business (product and service delivery) will be highly concentrated in Nigeria – register either or .ng with Qservers (a Nigeria web-hosting firm).

.ng is easier to remember, with professional and brand perception that shows you are in business for people in Nigeria.

But it’s costlier compared to

Make the best choice and decision for your business.

Choose Any Domain Name Registrar and Web-Hosting Providers

1. Bluehost


Bluehost is one of the leading hosting companies in world.

It’s well recognized by WordPress (the blogging publishing platform).

It was founded in 2003 with wealth of experience for excellent service.

Their mission statement is to create a better hosting company which they’re living up to with their customer reviews and support services.

They’ve different and affordable hosting packages. One of them is designed for hosting WordPress website.

It package comes with free domain name registration, free SSL certificate and you can install WordPress with one-click, afterwards, continue with the other set up, designs and configurations.

2. Namecheap

namecheapNamecheap is another fantastic domain name registrar and web-hosting company.

BillBlogger is registered under them, likewise our precious assets is hosted on their care.

Namecheap was founded in the year 2000, meaning they have wealth of experience as well.

They manage over 10 million domains. This makes them one of the leaders in the industry of domain name registration and web-hosting.

They’ve excellent customer care and support.

Whenever we have problem, from our login account, we start chatting with them instantly and everything will solved. 

You can open support ticket and will be replied back within few minutes relatively.

You can as well use email; and they have a knowledge box for learning things related to your hosting services.

You have read what appears like their mantra: their service is about you – the people.

From our experience,  their support service is excellent.

They’ve different medium of communication; it depends on your goal, but we prefer the live chat.

They’ve different hosting plans of choice which are affordable as well.

3. Hostgator


Hostgator is another reliable domain name registrar and web-hosting service we recommend for starting a blog, likewise by WordPress.

They’ve been around as well since it was launched in 2003.

They’ve excellent growing customer support services.

You can communicate with them through live chat, forums, customer and support portal.

They’ve knowledge box of tutorial videos and articles to help you get started using their services to start your blog; among is the easy one-click WordPress Installation.

With different hosting plans,  you will always get a package to start.

4. Qservers


Qservers is the only web-hosting service we recommend if your business is localized and Nigerian-centric.

They’ve been in existence for a long time.

We have been their customer since 2013 for client’s website design and development.

How to Start A WordPress Blog on Qservers_WelcomeMail_billblogger

There customer support service is very good, especially the support ticket.

After opening a ticket, they replied back in few minutes, even at the dead of the night.

We’ve experience situation like that. They are so prompt, took action like in an emergency room.

They appears to have dedicated more time to support ticket compared to other communication channel such as phone call and email (never use though).

Invariably, there customer service is better.

They’ve different hosting packages you can use to start blogging.

It comes with free domain name, other are | | | |

In addition, you will be given free SSL certificate.

Based on time, you might be lucky to purchase web-hosting at 20% promo.

Take advantage!

Step 2 – Blog Set up, Design and Development Video Training Course Tutorial

After domain name registration and purchase of web-hosting, it is time to set up, configure and design your blog properly for real business.

Not as you envisioned, but for your readers to enjoy and achieve their entire goal easily.

We recommend WP101 as the Video Tutorial Training Course for blog set up, design and development.


Whether you want to build website, a blog, an online store or a combination of both website and blog with an online store, WP101 will guide you through every step in the simplest manner.

They’ve free videos you can watch before you decide to enroll for the training course.

Step 3 – Learn Blog Traffic For Beginners

After you have launched your blog, started publishing blog posts, you must care about traffic.

Not any traffic, but quality traffic that yields the end result – sales and continue customer service.

One of the World renowned authorities on make money blogging is Yaro Starak.

He is a blogger and has been coaching the make money blogging subject since 2005.

He has sold over a million dollars of his products and services and has helped over 2000 people make money blogging.

He has an eBook titled: Blog Traffic For Beginners.


Some of things you will learn are:

1. An introduction to the principle of “owning your traffic” and how to apply it to your blog.

2. The difference between traffic and conversion, and why you must have measurable goals.

3. A detailed breakdown of what exactly “content marketing” is and why it is the secret to increasing traffic today.

4. How to assess your personal strengths and tap into your unique personality as leverage for traffic.

5. A blog optimization framework for free traffic from Google based on fundamentals that stand the test of time.

6. What is the “Long Tail” and why you need to know about it.

7. What are the key internal structure elements of your blog and how to configure them for maximum results?

8. What is a Natural Linking Process?

9. What exactly is “Link Bait” and how best to apply it in today’s social and mobile internet world.

10. How to get your blog listed on Google within 24 hours or less.

11. ONE HUNDRED (100!) powerful communication channel marketing techniques to establish multiple streams of secure and consistent traffic


12. My three core concepts for a sustainable high traffic blog.

You will get two bonus eBooks that further helps with profitable blog management.

The eBook comes with money backed guarantee.

If it doesn’t yield result as stated, request for refund.

Step 4 – Learn How to make $10,000 per month working on your Blog 2 hours per day


Yes, this huge promise and guarantee can only be given by the World renowned authorities on make money blogging himself – Yaro Starak.

This kind of result will be gotten when you enroll for his one–on-one coaching program – tagged Blog Mastermind.

Disclosure: We are affiliated to Bluehost, Namecheap, Hostgator, Qservers, Blog Traffic for Beginners and Blog Mastermind. For any final purchase made, we get a commission. That’s one of the way you support and give back to BillBlogger.

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